"Just went jean shopping again and have gone from a 12 in September to an 8!!! I tried on lots of jeans to make sure it was legit. So happy!"


“I'm already reaching goals I thought would take me a year at least."

"I love this place! I'm having more fun than I've ever had working out before and I'm learning how to eat to fuel my body the right way for the first time in my life! If you are wondering if you can do Crossfit, you can!!! I'm already reaching goals in my first few months that I thought would take me a year at least. They are incredibly patient and will help and encourage you here to reach your goals, whatever they are. The support and encouragement you get from the people you workout with awesome as well! Come check it out!!! CrossFit Pell City!!"

— Lisa Secor


From high school students to great-grandparents ... you can do it too!"

"I absolutely love this gym! We are a big family!! The coaches do a fantastic job breaking down all the movements in a way that doesn't feel intimidating at all. We have a wide variety of people from military to pregnant... from high school students to great-grandparents... from college athletes to stay-at-home mom's. We all do the same workout but the coaches help us modify specifically for our individual ability and needs. With time and consistency, we all grow that ability and you can do it too!! Hope to see you here!!"

— Tiffany Rogers

“I'm so excited about getting healthy and strong!"

"This is the most fun I've had working out in a long time! I've always been active, but need to get back in shape big time. I've never done weights, and at CFPC I feel totally at ease learning how to do everything, the right way, with the right weights! Braden is totally patient and encouraging, such a good coach!! I'm so excited about getting healthy and strong and having a blast doing it! Come check it out!!"

— Lisa S.

“The coaches really care about you”

"They teach you the fundamentals up front and continue to coach and motivate EVERY class. The positive atmosphere is key and the people I workout with everyday are encouraging , supportive and most of all FUN to be around. The coaches really care about helping you achieve your goals. If you think CrossFit is something you can't handle, well, I'm living proof anybody can."

— Greg B.


“I push myself within my limits and get better every day."

Coming from a guy with little to no background in fitness or sports, I was nervous and intimidated considering CrossFit. However, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. This training is intended to push you, but in every instance the Coaches were able to scale things so that I could push myself within my limits and get better every day.

“The results of the hard work have been exciting and it's changed the way my kids (me) see their dad.”

"Continually improving and achieving new goals has been awesome, but the best part has been all the great people I've met. I now truly understand the "community" they talk about. After being the one who never stuck with any workout consistently, I am now the one who hates missing a day The results of the hard work have been exciting and fun and they have carried over to changing the way my kids see their dad and changed their view on fitness."


We are looking forward to training with you