Step 1: See What Everyone Is Talking About

Check out our testimonials page on Google, and Facebook and/or come in to talk with any of our athletes or coaches. We want to help you accomplish your goals and are looking forward to developing a plan for you.

Step 2: Try Us Out

CrossFit is technical, demanding, and rewarding, and we ask that every new athlete be exposed to at least one workout prior to training with us.  Our coaches are the most competitive in the area, and we have the experience to get you where you want to be! Our programming is scalable to all fitness levels, so don't be intimidated!  Your coach is here to help you along the way, we will not let you be so sore that you cannot walk down stairs!  We approach fitness with intelligence and have a process proven to work.

Step 3: Learn It In Our Fundamentals Course

After you’ve been through a free introductory workout, your next step is to attend our CrossFit Fundamentals Course for new athletes.

This course includes a technique-intensive course designed to introduce you to the basic CrossFit movement techniques. Furthermore, we will provide coaching on CrossFit, strength and conditioning, and nutrition. This course is specifically designed as a gateway to joining our regularly scheduled group classes.

It is imperative that, as a new athlete, you attend this class, as we have a set curriculum to adhere to. This is for your safety and for the safety of your classmates.  If you feel you are experienced enough, have done CrossFit before, and can bypass the class, we will schedule a time with a certified coach in which you can "test out" all of the required movements and standards. Schedule conflicts happen all the time, so if Saturdays do not work for you, no worries, just get with a coach and we'll get you taken care of!

To schedule your CrossFit Fundamentals Course, please contact us at (205) 937-5326 or e-mail us at

Step 4: Put It Into Practice

After you’ve been through the CrossFit Fundamentals, you’re ready to start attending our group classes or personalize your training with private sessions.

At CrossFit Pell City, we train a wide variety of individuals, from fire fighters, police officers, and athletes, to housewives, college students, and anyone willing to put in the sweat and time to achieve true fitness. Some of our athletes are training for functional dominance; others are training to regain functional competence. We train athletes to be strong, fast, and mentally tough using a no-nonsense, intense workout program aimed at developing raw strength, strength endurance, explosive power, and metabolic conditioning.

No matter what your athletic needs, you can be sure that you will find your best fitness with us.

If you are looking for a world class coaching program and want to train harder than you ever have, all the while making a bunch of new friends, then CrossFit Pell City is definitely the right place for you!


Programming and Direction

“At 53, I was tired of being out of shape and overweight. I never have had any success when joining a fitness club, but with CFPC I have never been happier, it's been AWESOME!"

—Greg B..

Experienced Coaching

“I have spent a LOT of time at a lot of different boxes as a member & a guest, and I can vouch that what you will find at CFPC is the best of the best!”

— Taylor S.


“I was nervous and intimidated considering CrossFit. However, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Continually improving and achieving new goals has been awesome!"

— Troy B,